Big Jobs

  • General tidy of the allotment
  • Fix greenhouse
  • Attatch guttering to greenhouse
  • Dig over allotment
  • Build compost bin
  • Build a fence around allotment
  • Clear back yard and hang baskets ready for herbs
  • Dig bean trench ready to fill with compost
  • Dig up bramble roots 😦
  • Cut down dog rose and brambles
  • Slab over the bramble/dog rose

Small Jobs

  • Cut and trim trees

Fun jobs!

  • Look through seed catalogues and see what I want to grow
  • Buy seeds! (yay)
  • Get some lettuce growing inside
  • Get herb garden planted up indoors (any hints and tips on what herbs are annual/perrenial etc would help me)
  • Make bird box, bee box, insect box etc
  • Make bottle cloches
  • Build cold frame
  • Bonfire wooooooo!