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Putting the greenhouse up

I have finally got a new (kinda) greenhouse! Hurrah! Got it second hand for £60 and have spent a good while with some help sorting it out. First the old greenhouse had to come down, which, because of the spiders, I let the guys get on with that bit. They enjoyed it anyway, smashing stuff up 🙂

It was quite amazing just how dangerous it was. The very last bit that was taken down had been put up with 4×4 planks and the guys were able to just push it over with one hand because it was so rotten!

Pushing the last bit of the greenhouse over with one hand!

Clean me!

Thank you!

The bit that took me the longest time was actually cleaning the glass!! It was filthy, and yes, believe it or not, that is the greenhouse glass hahahaha!

Took me two days to clean it all, but it was well worth it as you can see how nice it looked once I was finished.

The frame itself was very hard to put up as it’s so old but we eventually got it up 🙂 Am really happy with it, photo coming soon of the finished thing! Can’t wait to get my tomatoes in tomorrow! Hurrah!!

The frame


As you can see from previous posts, my greenhouse is a bit worse for wear. We have already repaired the roof once, but the winter was cruel, and the greenhouse isn’t looking so good. To make matters worse, when I cleared the brambles from the back of the greenhouse it uncovered rot. I have got someone to check it out and apparently it’s ready to collapse and won’t last out the year 😦

So… with great sadness, when the weather clears, I will have to dismantle it. This does mean however, that I have noowhere to store my tools, grow veg and seedlings or just somewhere to be when it’s raining and still feel like I’m getting things done there. So, please, please, please if you are in the area (as I can’t drive) and have a greenhouse you no longer want and plan on dumping it, would you please consider letting me have it. I have a very low income so only have a very small amount of money that can go on a greenhouse (about £50 budget) and when looking online just the frames are £150 (without base or glass).

So please… if anyone can help, leave a message. It’s very much appreciated x

I planned on being at the allotment all weekend as the snow had cleared and I badly needed to dig over. Saturday was spent cutting back brambles and dog rose (which is NASTY) and almost getting my face torn to shreds! My housemate helped a lot and between us we got half the (useable) allotment dug over. Content with what we had done and completely knackered we returned home planning to weed, rake and hoe it the next day.

Andy trying to keep the fire going in the hail and sleet

The weather however had other plans. Saturday night the snow returned with vegeance! Not to be beaten we went anyway. I had forgotten my camera on Saturday and was a bit disapointed to get the same snow covered photos that I already have (mainly because I wanted to show off the digging). It was however a lovely day and my housemate set about making a fire as I battled the brambles and pulled down the rotting pallet fence to get to the rubbish that had been dumped (see rant in previous blog entries!!).

Unfortunately, the weather was still against us and an hour in it went from lovely sun to hail to what I can only describe as a blizzard!! Haha!

Poppy in the 'blizzard'

Poppy wasn’t impressed so we retired to the house wet, cold, covered in snow, but pleased we had got so much done…

Head dog directing the work

…looks like it may be a late planting

season for me. 🙂


I have had the allotment for about 8months and have decided to start a blog to collate everything (things that I’ve collected, ideas, plans and photos) and hopefully get ideas, opions and feedback from other, more experienced gardeners!