Day One

On the 30th May 2009 I went to view the allotments and after some walking around chose this one:




So I paid up and went home to prepare and get all my tools ready! Day one over!

Day Two

Armed with tools, a couple of friends, sarnies and copious amounts of water (it was sweltering hot!), I started out on day two!

(Early morning) One friend on the front of the allotment cutting away the dog rose has grown over (yes that is the green house hidden by all of that!)

I started cleaning out the greenhouse

As you can see, it needs a lot of repair!

(Late afternoon)  Dog rose done, onto the brambles… getting there!

End of day two…. this is where all the brambles in the first pic of the day were! 🙂

Ta Da!

Day 3

Working through all the grass 🙂

And getting rid of the rubbish.

Day 4

Clearing the rubbish

Lovely tidy greenhouse… Or at least part of a greenhouse :S

Two weeks later

Greenhouse still not repaired but most of the rubbish is cleared, first part is dug over and ready to start planting.

One month later

All cleared up and part two dug over. This is all I got dug over in the end for the whole year but I felt I made a good start. We temporarily patched up the greenhouse with some scavenged clear plastic but the roof is too rotten and the wind has since taken all the plastic off :S