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Putting the greenhouse up

I have finally got a new (kinda) greenhouse! Hurrah! Got it second hand for £60 and have spent a good while with some help sorting it out. First the old greenhouse had to come down, which, because of the spiders, I let the guys get on with that bit. They enjoyed it anyway, smashing stuff up 🙂

It was quite amazing just how dangerous it was. The very last bit that was taken down had been put up with 4×4 planks and the guys were able to just push it over with one hand because it was so rotten!

Pushing the last bit of the greenhouse over with one hand!

Clean me!

Thank you!

The bit that took me the longest time was actually cleaning the glass!! It was filthy, and yes, believe it or not, that is the greenhouse glass hahahaha!

Took me two days to clean it all, but it was well worth it as you can see how nice it looked once I was finished.

The frame itself was very hard to put up as it’s so old but we eventually got it up 🙂 Am really happy with it, photo coming soon of the finished thing! Can’t wait to get my tomatoes in tomorrow! Hurrah!!

The frame


My water butt in January!!

Massive chunk of butt ice 🙂