As you can see from previous posts, my greenhouse is a bit worse for wear. We have already repaired the roof once, but the winter was cruel, and the greenhouse isn’t looking so good. To make matters worse, when I cleared the brambles from the back of the greenhouse it uncovered rot. I have got someone to check it out and apparently it’s ready to collapse and won’t last out the year 😦

So… with great sadness, when the weather clears, I will have to dismantle it. This does mean however, that I have noowhere to store my tools, grow veg and seedlings or just somewhere to be when it’s raining and still feel like I’m getting things done there. So, please, please, please if you are in the area (as I can’t drive) and have a greenhouse you no longer want and plan on dumping it, would you please consider letting me have it. I have a very low income so only have a very small amount of money that can go on a greenhouse (about £50 budget) and when looking online just the frames are £150 (without base or glass).

So please… if anyone can help, leave a message. It’s very much appreciated x