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Been down the allotment today and rather pissed off that people have been chucking black bin bags full of rubbish over the fence onto my allotment. More work, more cleaning and there’s cans all over the place. Hope it’s nothing nasty in the bags. Can’t get to them yet because of the brambles coming back up.

Will need to do something about it though as I plan on having a flower bed where they’re dumping stuff 😦


I’ve been looking through a flower book to decide which bulbs I’m going to plant. I want flowers all year round and it’s nicely indexed at the back by the months the bulbs grow. Took a bit of cross referencing because it only had the Latin names and I’m barely capable with english (hehe) but I’ve compiled a nice list 🙂


Galanthus (Snowdrop)


Bulbocodium (Sping Saffron)
Narcissus (Daffodils)
Scilla (Bluebell, Squil)


Allium (Flowering Onion)
Bradiaea (Queen Fabiola)
Convallaria (Lilly of the Valley)
Erythrunium (Dogs Tooth Violet)
Gladiolus (Sword Lilly)


Acidanthera (Abyssinian Gladiolus)
Amaryllis (Belladonna Lilly)
Canna (Canna Lilly)
Zephyranthes (Zephyr Lilly)

A Bat Flower

This is just truly stunning. I would love one of these 🙂

Bat Flower Collection

Snow, snow and more snow! My water butts have ice 6inches deep in them, the ground is solid and I cracked my plant pots trying to empty them!

There’s nowt better than a good ol’ fire at the allotment on a snowy day 🙂 so had one this evening! It got rid of some rubbish anyway and I got a bit of tidying done.

It’s a Boy!

The first thing I ever harvested! (5th August 2009)


I have had the allotment for about 8months and have decided to start a blog to collate everything (things that I’ve collected, ideas, plans and photos) and hopefully get ideas, opions and feedback from other, more experienced gardeners!